Borderlands 2: “loot hunt” contest

Borderlands 2 has always been unique, no not unique whats the word?  Oh yeah the word is AWESOME!  Borderlands remembers that video games are supposed to be fun.  There are many tweaks to the game that just make it more fun including: infinite sprint, no fall damage and the chance to get a second wind I could go on.  In a landscape of gritty shooters and action games Borderlands 2 remembers it is fun to laugh . . . and blow psychos into tiny meat chunks.  Anyway, you already know all of that.  It seems that same sense of fun has made it into the Borderlands 2 “loot hunt” contest.  This is Gearbox’s way of saying thanks to all of their fans giving us free stuff!  Starting October 11, that’s tomorrow, there will be a daily ingame challenge.  If you complete the ingame challenge you are automatically entered to win the grand prize of, and I quote “$50,000 mother bleeping dollars!”  As Claptrap so eloquently puts it the winner of the contest will indeed win $50,000.  However, there are many other prizes including cool stuff from Sony, Turtle Beach and Invidia.  But if want to learn more about that head over to the official site (link below).

How many other games can you think of that have done something like this?  Take Skyrim for instance, a spectacular game, PC Gamers 1# pc game of all time, 9.5 ign the list goes on.  However, what did they do to say thanks?  Three DLC packs and a game of the year edition plus fixed the PS3 edition.  In other words not much compared to Borderlands 2.  But let’s focus on the positive, the Borderlands 2 loot hunt contest is real, it starts tomorrow and I won’t be seen by my friends and family for a couple weeks.  I’ll see you on Pandora happy loot hunting!

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